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For over 60 years, NOTIFIER has been a leader in the fire alarm industry. Today, they have over 400 distributors worldwide making them the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems. NOTIFIER has regional support operations on every continent providing flexibility and options for businesses throughout the world.

NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Systems and Kinetix Fire & Life Safety Experts is a web portal maintained by Kinetix Fire & Life Safety Experts as a resource and tool with information on the NOTIFIER product for our customers. Notifier Fire is not associated with Honeywell or the Notifier brand. Kinetix Fire & Life Safety Experts is an authorized service provider and NOTIFIER ESD with a territory located in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide design and installation services to private, commercial, and government facilities. Our fire alarm system group consists of NICET and factory certified technicians as well as NICET Certified designers who use the latest CAD technology to design your fire alarm system. 

We offer complete fire alarm system services which enables us to work with our customers from the design and installation stage through inspection, testing, and maintenance of their fire alarm system. As a distributor and service company, our technicians have many NOTIFIER replacement parts on hand and are able to diagnose and fix a number of problems on the same day, reducing interruptions to your business. Whether you require our design and installation services or are simply looking for information on NOTIFIER equipment, we are here to help you. To find a distributor in another region, please refer to Honeywell/Notifier’s official website.

Large Campus Facilities

The ONYX Series

NOTIFIER’s ONYX Series of fire alarm control panels are flexible and are a perfect fit for any large scale facility. Planning on expanding the facility in the future? No problem, the ONYX Series has the ability to grow with the facility. You can simply add-on or upgrade components without having to replace the entire system. These panels may be networked at any time in order to allow the user to monitor multiple buildings from one central location.

Small Buildings

The FireWarden Series     

NOTIFIER’s FireWarden Series of addressable fire alarm control panels are a simple and cost effective solution for any small facility looking for a quality system. These systems are quick and easy to install and program so the facility will be protected in no time. Additionally, this fire alarm system allows the user to monitor its activity from your computer.


Large Facilities with Multiple or Segmented Buildings

Integrated Fire Systems

The ability for multiple systems from anywhere in the United States to be interconnected. This allows the user to monitor all the systems at one central location.





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